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Welcome to Coaching & Evolution by Ioana Radulescu. I am your partner and I will guide through coaching to improve your leadership style, have the career you wish for or change your mindset for a happier life.
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Work – Life Balance Program

Meaningful Results for Leaders. Without stress and excessive work.
  • Acknowledgment

    It is important to become aware of the impact of stress and excessive work in our lives, on all levels. This will increase motivation to make a change.

  • Self-Awareness

    We can make changes within ourselves only when we know ourselves very well, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t, what suits us and what doesn’t, what we desire, what we like.

  • Triggering Factors

    It is important to observe what drives us to work so much, what situations make us prone, to know how to handle these situations in the future.

  • Redefining Control

    Often, the fear of losing control leads us to overwork, to get involved in everything, to micromanage, to avoid delegation for fear that things won’t be done to the level we desire.

  • Smart Objective

    The objective we will set here will reflect this desired future.


Let's meet

Who am I?

I am your partner in this journey.

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A safe space to think, to feel, to talk, to be. The coach is there to create this space.

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My Coaching Approach

The client dictates the rhythm, the steps and the intensity of the process.

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Schedule a free session! Let’s talk about how I can help you.


Thoughts from some of my clients