Coaching & Evolution | What's Ioana's approach?
Even though following techniques as solution focused, cognitive behavioral, pluralistic, humanistic, integrative, Gestalt, my approach follows my heart and my intuition and my mind follows the patterns, this is how I manage to listen all that is being said and not said, ask profound questions and guide clients towards meaningful objectives.
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My coaching approach

My coaching area

I guide people to express their true potential, values and emotions and align their mindset in order to achieve meaningful objectives in areas such as: leadership, career, business, relationships, life changes, behaviors, lifestyle choices.

My experience from both “worlds”, business and personal, made me see the human behind each role (business or personal) and work with their potential to reflect their greatness.

Techniques I use

  • I use an integrative approach and I invest a lot of effort in building the coach-client relationship through a humanistic method. What does that mean?
  • It means that the client dictates the rhythm, the steps and the intensity of the process, he is the hero, he has all the answers, the ideas and solutions and based on what works best for him I apply techniques from: solution focused coaching, cognitive coaching, behavioral coaching, gestalt, narrative, constructivist or pluralistic coaching.

How do I know what works best for my client?

  • By demonstrating trust and safety, by setting up a frame supported by confidentiality, by respecting the ICF (International Coaching Federation) code of ethics and by establishing a coaching agreement, I put my client’s needs above everything and I use the humanistic person – centered approach to make the client feel comfortable enough to express him(her)self.
  • I use my analytical skills to carefully observe my client’s experiences, reactions and the way he/ she chooses to express him(her)self, what worked best for him/her in the past and what he/she would like to achieve.